Thursday, October 13, 2005

What Will My Return On Investment Be?

With the news that I will probably have to start finding other sources to increase my net worth, I decided that we would see how selling my investment would work out. Thus, my first investment is currently being sold. My uncle picked it up for me for $25 at a flea market and I have my fingers crossed (well, not really crossed because my coordination isn't quite at that level yet, but you get what I mean) that it turns out well.

He also said that he would look for more investment items this weekend for me. I'm off to work on my post that I will submit to the carnival of personal finance (one of my Oct. goals) and should have that up by tomorrow. All continues to go along smoothly (knock on wood - if I could - I can't seem to turn myself over quite yet on my own to do it, so I had to ask mom to help me)

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