Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Another College Saving Program To Check Out

I have another program to check out when I find the time (I bet you don't realize how much time it takes being a baby and doing baby stuff!). The program is called LittleGrad and it looks like it is focused only on online purchases. Here's a bit about it I found:

The Little Grad Savings Manager automatically reminds members if a retailer is a Little Grad partner, and cites the percentage rebate offered. Importantly, grandparents, relatives and friends can also join and contribute directly to a child's account via their everyday online shopping. A member page detailing each contribution is accessible via Little Grad's password protected web site. And, with one click of the mouse a member can send a customizable email thank you note to family and friends for every rebate contribution they make. Little Grad users who invite their friends to join will receive additional rebates as long as they both are members.

I will do a better review when I have time to look over the specifics of the site.

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Anonymous said...

I joined Little Grad and now feel much better about all the shoes I've purchased from Nordstroms... for my children of course... ok, they do love to wear my Uggs, so its kind of for them.

Keep on blogging, love your site!