Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My First Antique Investment

I just got word from my uncle that we have made out first antique investment. It's a set of three pewter sake cups that date before WW2 that he purchased for $25. They come in their original box which is always rare I'm told. The question is whether to hold onto them as a long term investment or try to sell them now to generate more cash to reinvest some more. We'll probably sell them quickly to make sure we're well ahead of this month's goals. A baby only a bit over three months old already investing in antique - imagine that!

In other good news I added another 2 ING $10 referrals to my savings over the last few days. That puts me in really good shape for this month.

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Danielle said...

Hi there!
I've recently stumbled upon your blog (from the carnival of finances). I have to say yours is a really fun, and inspirational blog to read! Thanks to your resourceful uncle, you are getting quite a headstart. Hope you don't mind that I've added you onto my blog list :)