Sunday, October 02, 2005

October Goals

As I stated (gurgled) in my last post, I wanted to make some goals for October. I have been having quite a few discussions with him and he is big on setting and writing down goals to help motivate you to reach them. After discussing it with my uncle, there are the goals we have set out:

Savings Goals:

Try to increase my current savings by 5% this month With $2144.67 currently in my savings, that means that the goal is to increase my savings by $107.23 to have a grand total of $2251.90 by the beginning of November.

Open a Upromise account

Open a BabyMint account

Blog Goals:

Submit posts to the carnival of Personal Finance each week

Trade links with 5 other financial blogs that I like

I think that all of these goals can be attained and it will keep a good momentum going for my savings. I will report back at the beginning of November and we can see how I did with all of them.

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