Friday, October 07, 2005

Closing In On This Month's Goals

Some quick updates:

I have 3 of the five link trades that I wanted to get this month. The three trades are with My Open Wallet, Million Dollar Goal and No Credit Needed. Now I just need to find two more.

Looking at this moths overall goals, I've already opened a Upromise account and sent some emails out to get people to join. I still have to open a BabyMint account. I did submit a post to the carnival of Personal Finance this week, so I just need to keep up with that and I'm within $30 of my goal for how much I wanted in my account. Not bad for the first 7 days of the month.

With the savings goal in mind, I've received a couple more bonuses the last couple of days raising my savings by $20.00. This has been a good source of income for me and I will be sorry when it isn't available anymore.

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Clint said...

You've got a great start. If only I had started at your age! If you'd like to trade links, I'd be happy to help with your goal :)

Million Dollar Goal