Monday, October 03, 2005

Upromise Account Set Up

I signed up for Upromise to get one of my goals this month out of the way - it was a fairly easy process and took less than 30 minutes total. I did do a search on the Internet before signing up and found a code that gave me a $3 bonus for signing up (that was the highest bonus I could find). I think that I will add up any funds gained through the program at the end of each month and add it to my total since that will be the easiest approach.

Since I still haven't decided on a 529 college savings plan I did not hook my account up to any. It seems like Upromise has a limited number of choices and must hook it up with one of the 529 plans they offer, but I did read that it's possible to get the money send if you request it by snail mail. I'll worry about that a little while down the road.

I also sent out emails to get other family members to join in and help. I still have to ask dad for some more emails I didn't have, but will do that this week too. Hopefully between all the extended family, I can add some extra money into the account (the advantage of being the first grandchild on both sides of the family).

Although I'm not expecting much, every little bit will help and as long as nobody changes their spending habits (which I've told everyone to be careful about), it's free money. I will continue to report on how this program works for me.

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