Sunday, October 02, 2005

ING Is Becoming My Best Friend

The ING savings account has done wonders for my college saving plans and net worth thus far. I received 2 more referrals which adds an extra $20 to my total. I need to sit down (well, lie on my back...I still don't sit very well) with mom (if you remember from the first post about this account, she was a bit nervous about opening the account due to some past issues with identity theft) and have a good heart to heart with her (if I smile enough, I know she'll have to agree with me)

I'm hoping to convince dad to also open up an ING account with the money earmarked for my savings and then have them open out an account as me as the primary owner (with them as co-account owners). If the referrals continue like this, I think that I'll be able to convince them that it's a smart move.

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