Saturday, October 01, 2005

September Advertising

September advertising brought in $4.63 to my total which just thrills me (I even babbled a bit when told!). While that may seem like a small amount to some people, you have to remember that I have time on my side. Being extremely conservative, let's look at the possibilities.

Assuming that I make $4.63 a month until I go to college, the advertising on this site will place just a tad over $1,000 into my college fund ($4.63 x 12 months x 18 year = $1000.08) not counting any compound interest earned. That's nothing to sneeze about. Of course, I hope my blog becomes wildly popular and that I can average more than that over the long run (although I suspect I will have months when I make less than that.

Now since this is earned income for me, I may decide to place it in a Roth IRA instead of my college savings. Do the math for this and I come up with over $3,500 ($4.63 x 12 months x 63 years = $3,611.40) for my retirement savings excluding any compound interest (which would be tax free in the Roth IRA) earned.

When you start to look at it like this, $4.63 is a much bigger deal than nothing at all and it goes to show that starting to save little amounts early can make a significant difference.

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