Thursday, October 13, 2005

Money Source Throws Wrench In Plans

For those of you who have been following my savings, you'll know that a good portion of it has come from ING with the initial sign up bonus and then referrals afterward. My plan was to have accounts opened for each member of the family and then with my uncle's help, max out the referrals. If I had done that with the three of us, the referral money alone would have come to $750 added to my savings.

Well, a wrench was thrown into that plan when ING announced this morning that to receive the $25 bonus when opening an account with them, it will no longer just cost $1, but you must deposit $250 to get it. Since this is a new change in their policy, I don't know how much it will effect the willingness of people to sign up, but I assume that it will be harder to earn my referral bonuses. It's much easier to open an account with $1 than it is to open one with $250. That means I will probably need to begin looking for another source to pad my savings. As you may have imagined. mom had to pass me the pacifier to calm me down from this news...

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