Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My Net Worth Rank

I ran across a post over at Free Money Finance that lists the Net Worth of all the finance writers like myself. The result are that I'm at the bottom of the list (this made me cry and it took a pacifier to calm me down):

1. NYC Money -- $689,728.95
2. My Personal Finance Journey -- $263,886
3. My Open Wallet -- $245,124.76
4. 2million -- $193,077.82
5. MMB's Personal Finance Journal -- $180,198.72
6. Capital Ideas -- $123,542
7. My Money -- $83,262
8. Debt Free -- $65,418
9. Personal Finance for the New Age -- $58,882.15
10. Consumerism Commentary -- $36,892.78
11. The Alpha Guy -- $27,818
12. Financial Baby Steps -- $2,164.67

Then I remembered that I have time on my side. Considering I'm only 3 months old, what if I was to project out a bit. Let's assume the average age of the writers is 35 years old. By taking my current net worth and extending it out to when I'm 35, I would have just over $3,600,000 ($2164.67 x 4 x 12 x 35 = $3,636,645.60) which would put me by far and away highest on the list. Granted, there are a lot of things that will happen between now and the time I'm 35, but looking at the numbers that way made me feel a lot better...so much so that I spit out the pacifier and am still gurgling contently.

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FMF said...

And if you use the formula from The Millionaire Next Door detailed here:


you're actually quite wealthy (because you have a positive net worth but no income/job yet). :-)