Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Net Worth Increases 2.21%

My net worth increased $51.29 in November or 2.21% from the previous month. This was a bit disappointing since I was shooting for 5%. Part of the problem was that I didn't get any auctions up with my antique investments. My uncle has assured me that this misstep will not happen again after explaining that if it did, I would be fussy around him every time he comes to visit.

The advertising revenue fell almost 50% from the month before to $7.52 (it had been $14.09 in October), but I had expected this. With the journal still in its beginning stages, that will fluctuate quite a bit from month to month. I was shooting for $5 and surpassed this.

Upromise added another $3 to my net worth from the bonus links from Kellogg's. I've been told that some of the relatives that have signed up with my account have done them too, but they haven't posted in my account yet.

The rest came from ING interest and bonuses which I can't count on anymore until I get a new account opened.

With the holiday season here, I'll see if I can get some cash gifts from family and friends instead of clothing to pad my savings...

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