Sunday, November 06, 2005

Still At The Bottom Of The Heap

Personal Finance Advice has listed how all those writing about personal finances fared in October. I was in the positive unlike some of the others, but that still wasn't enough to lift me out of the basement when it comes to net worth. Still, time is on my side and I hope to move out of the basement one of these days. Here is a look at the net worth of those listed:

1. NCYMoney $684,000.00
2. Boston Gal’s Open Wallet $355,799.35
3. PFBlog $353,676.00
4. My Open Wallet $244,664.51
5. 2 Million $194,868.05
6. Clutter 2 Cash $185,212.00
7. MMB’s Personal Finance Journal $180.198.72
8. Capital Ideas $123,542.00
9. My Money Blog $83,262.00
10. Debt Free $65,418.00
11. New Age PF $63,162.57
12. Consumerism Commentary $36,241.76
13. Alpha Guy $29,051.00
14. Million Dollar Goal $18,777.47
15. Personal Finance Progress $11,231.00
16. Financial Baby Steps $2,318.51

As you can see, I'm the only one that still has a 4 digit net worth. I will be working hard over the coming months to try and join the 5 digit net worth club. While I know my baby steps will pay off in the long run, it is still motivation for me to move up the ladder a bit as soon as possible.


Brian said...

I doubt any above you are 4 months old!

Nice angle on the blog; found you through PF Advice's post and will be reading in the future.

margot said...

True, but it still isn't much fun being at the bottom of the heap. It's good motivation for me to try and increase my net worth as much as possible.