Saturday, November 19, 2005

November Financial Goals Update

I have been quite fussy with my uncle over the last couple of weeks. November is more than half over and I'm well off the pace of meeting all my goals. I figured that being fussy was the only way to get his attention and focus a bit so that we can meet as many of them as possible.

I've already realized at a young age that if you don't remain focused even just a bit on your goals, time can fly by without you making the advances you want. So I'm revisiting the goals with my uncle again so we can refocus a bit more.

My goal is to have $2434.51 by the beginning of December, bu without the ING saving bonuses, this is looking to be a lot harder than last month. I do have some antique cups that my uncle has promised to put on auction next week that will hopefully at least get me close to this goal. It will also mean that I meet my goal of listing at least 5 auctions.

I still need to open the BabyMint account and will shoot for having that open this weekend.

I missed the first Carnival of Personal Finance this month as I didn't have an article to submit, but did make the second one. I will be writing my entry for this week right after posting this.

I'm a couple of sites short on the trading links, but will send out some requests and see if I can fill those up as soon as possible.

Although I don't mind writing for myself and how I'm progressing, it's always much more fun when a lot of people are reading and commenting. I may have to think of some ways to try and raise the profile of my journal. While the main focus is financial, I think this would be of interest to a lot of people with babies and young kids. I may have to begin focusing attempts for those groups to become more aware of what I'm doing.

Time to work on the carnival of personal finance post...

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