Thursday, December 01, 2005

December Goals

For the second month in a row I fell short on a couple of my monthly goals. Unlike last month, I would have liked to have done a bit better.

My goal for my net worth was to increase it to $2434.51, but I only managed $2369.80 falling $64.71 short of the goal. At this time I still feel that a 5% increase in my net worth per month is realistic since I'm still too young to even think about spending it. That would put my goal to increase my net worth by $118.49.

Since it is the holiday season and I'm a bit young to really appreciate the gifts that are given to me, I'm also going to see if I can convince nana (grandma) and grandpa to give me at lease one cash gift each that will go toward my savings. I7ll shoot for another $100 in that area for a goal of $2588.29.

I did open a BabyMint account, but only I'm still not sure how I'm going to approach this. I need to do a bit more research to see which of the programs will be best for me to concentrate on. That will be another goal this month.

I failed on getting articles in all the carnivals of Personal Finance only getting in 2 of the 4. Those are good for this journal because they bring in extra traffic and new people can see what I'm doing, but with the holiday season, I don't think I can do one each week. I'll shoot for 2 this month.

I fell one short on the getting link trades and ended the month with 9 instead of the ten I wanted. I will try and get another 5 this month for a goal of 15. In addition, now that I have one sponsored link, I would like to try and get another one this month.

I completely failed on getting auction listed with the antiques I have in my investments, but have been assured that this month they will go up (my uncle doesn't like it when I get fussy around him). Since I wanted to list 5 last month, but didn't get any up, I'm going to shoot for 10 this month.

I hope you all cheer my on in my goals and hope that you that have found my have been enjoying my journey thus far!


Adult ADD and Money said...

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Ralph Marshall said...

I am also interested in a link trade, although my blog is only tangentially about personal finance. Check me out at and let me know if you're interested.