Tuesday, November 29, 2005

ING Bonuses Used

I used up the last of my ING bonuses. Even with the $250 minimum deposit, people have found the $25 bonus is worth opening the account since they don't have to keep it there (no minimums) and there are no fees. That's good news as there hasn't been much of an increase to my net worth (up to $2358.51, +$40.00) this month.

The next step will be convincing mom and dad to open up two more accounts so that I can get some more bonuses. I think that will have to wait until next year, however, when my uncle can nudge them in that direction. They are so busy with taking great care of me (^_^) that they don't have much free time for themselves.

For those looking to begin your baby's college savings, opening an account is a good way to start - you can get the $25 bonus by following these directions and where mine will be as soon as I get those other accounts open.

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