Friday, November 11, 2005

Free Gift Cards

For all the parents that visit here, I'm going to make a suggestion. From time to time I hear about free gift cards from my uncle. Usually you need to fill out a short survey and in return for your help, they send you a gift card. When I hear about free gift cards in the future, I will list them. If you happen to frequent one of the places that is offering the free gift card, then take the money that the gift card is worth and place it into your child's education fund. If you don't usually spend money there, then get the gift card anyway and enjoy a treat on me for visiting my journal (^_^)

Starbucks $5 Gift Card (this survey has ended so I took out the link): Take a short survey. use code 07761 or 01899 (it worked when I tried it, but I don't know how long the codes will be good for)

$10 BestBuy Gift Card (this survey has ended so I took out the link): Complete a marketing survey

If you get coffee at Starbucks and shop at BestBuy, you can add $15 to your child's college account.

*These surveys for Gift Cards usually end quickly because of the number of people that want to get the freebie so you have to move on them quickly.


piannist said...

maybe I'm doing something wrong. the link for the Best Buy gift card brought me to, where I took a survey. but they made no mention of giving me a gift card. am I in the right place?

margot said...

It looks like it may be over too. If you scroll over the link it says they will send a bestbuy $10 card, but the have changed the text. Where it says "iPod owners: Please complete this survey" it used to say "receive a $10 BestBuy Gift card for filling out our survey" You have to be quick with the gift card offers as they usually go quickly...