Sunday, November 06, 2005

Finding Other Advertising Income Sources

I have decided to try and generate a little more earned income by offering adverting on my site. I really don't expect much to come of it now, but I hope that as my blog becomes more popular there will be other websites that will want to advertise and help me with my savings.

I'm also discussing with my uncle to possibly place an auction up to sell some space on the site. While there would be a risk of losing a minimum amount of money for listing the offer, it could generate some long term income if I can find a couple of sponsors.

At this point I know that every little bit of income that I can generate will have a long time to compound which is to my advantage. Even if I can get one or two ads that only pay $5 a month, that would double what I'm currently earning from the site and could add over $100 to my savings over a year period. Now all I have to do is find some sites that feel sponsoring me would be in their benefit.

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