Thursday, September 28, 2006

Step By Step Plan To Finance College For Any Baby

I have been hearing a lot about the cost of college and the amount of debt that students are graduating from school with and how this is affecting their finances throughout life. What I find is amazing is that anyone reading this can follow my plan and have their entire college education paid for (or at least a huge portion of it) with very little time or effort. This is my simple plan that has been working wonderfully for me and I believe can work for anyone to create a nice college nest egg by the time you're eighteen years old.

This month I will make over $200 in advertising and I expect to continue to earn that much for the foreseeable future (and in fact believe it will grow as time goes on). Even if it doesn't increase any more, nobody gives another college funding gift to me and I don't earn a cent of interest in the next 17 years, I'll still have about $45,000 for college when it's time for me to go. With interest, increased earnings and gifts from family and friends, I expect to have well over $100,000. The great thing is that anyone of you can have it too if you do the following simple steps:

As soon as you know you're going to exist in this world, start a blog (I consider myself a late starter at 4 months). This doesn't cost a penny if you do like have done and begin the blog on a free service. For long term, you might want to consider getting your own domain (something that I'm considering at the moment), but this is certainly not necessary at the beginning.

Choose a topic to blog about in addition to being a baby. The topic should be one that both you and the person that will be helping you (you may need a bit of help until you get your hand / eye / typing coordination down) enjoy so that the blog will be updated on a fairly regular basis. Then simply start blogging about you and get your opinion out into the blogoshere.

Once the blog is set up, take some time to place ads such a google adsense on your blog. Earmark any money earned through this advertisement medium to go directly toward your college fund. Also set up an area in your sidebar where you can sell advertising text links to advertisers.

Find blogs that you enjoy reading and that have a similar topic to yours and trade links with them if possible. This will help people know that your blog exists and help it get better indexed in search engines.

These are the basics to getting your blog off the ground and putting in place a system where you can begin to earn a fair amount in advertising that will go toward your college fund. It is also a wonderful place to update family and friends on what you're up to and the things you're thinking about.

In addition to setting up the blog to help with college expenses, I would also highly recommend taking the following steps to help increase your college fund even more.

  • Tell all family and friends that what you really want for special occasions such as birthdays and at Christmas is a small monetary donation for your college fund.
  • As you outgrow your baby things, have your parents sell them through Craigslist or on eBay and have all earnings from them go toward your college fund.
  • Sign up for programs like Upromise that will give you free money toward your college education for everyday purchases you make.
  • Take advantage of all the free and discounted things that manufacturers give to babies and place the savings into your college fund.
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    My Boaz's Ruth said...

    What happens if you have a baby brother or sister? Do the parents need to buy all new things for them so they can sell your things for the college fund? :)