Sunday, October 01, 2006

Net Worth Update - September 2006

I finally settled on what to do with all the money that was sitting in cash. I moved $2600.00 to a S&P 500 Index Fund Account for the time being. It isn't in a 529 plan for the time being because we aren't sure what state we will be living in and I can't receive any tax benefits from it for now. We will address that issue when I know where in the US I'll be staying. Another issue is that I have heard that the grandparents have also started college funds and if this is the case, it might be better to have this money not have to go toward education.

There was a bit of change in the numbers of my ING account. The one that I had been using has been taken over by my mom to use for other saving purposes for me and I am now using the one with my uncle. That means the balance has decreased a bit, but the difference went into my cash account.

As noted in the post before, my blog is now generating just over $200 a month in advertising. That will grow my income by 4%+ per month for the near future which I think is an excellent pace. I'm still considering with my uncle other possible ways to generate some money to pad my account a bit more.

I'm still on a good track and hope to continue along as I have been.

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Financial Baby Steps,
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