Saturday, September 09, 2006

Little Grad Apology

I received an apology from Little Grad for spamming this blog which makes me feel a little better about the company. Little Grad is a company like Upromise where you can get cash placed into a college savings plan by purchasing items through retailers that are affiliated with them.

When I first began writing here, I kept getting post from them telling me how great their site was and how I should check it out. The first one was fine, but when I started to get more saying basically the same thing and always a link for me to check them out, I decided it was spam and started deleting them. It got so bad that I had to put the function in where I must approve all ads before I let them get posted now.

I do give them credit for their honesty and that they have stopped encouraging their employees and users from doing so. here is what I received:

Dear Financial Baby Steps,

A friend sent me your post where you expressed being upset at Little Grad for spamming your site with overly zealous/inappropriate endorsements.

I'm sorry this happened. Just to briefly explain why it did; when the company was new, we encouraged new employees and some of our more enthusiastic users to spread the words. (I myself posted once, as I think your site is delightful.)

We've since asked employees and friends to curtail this practice. I wish you continued good fortune on your blogging and other endeavors.

Suzy DeLine,
Little Grad

While it doesn't justify the spamming in the first place, it's nice that they admitted their wrongdoing and apologized...

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Anonymous said...

Hi There,

I'm glad you got the message -- sending via the Kiplinger site felt a bit funny, but I couldn't find contact info here.

Again, my personal apology for causing any distress.

Suzy DeLine