Sunday, January 01, 2006

January Goals & December Goals Review

December was a good month with the help of a couple of gifts. I didn't meet all my goals, but I did surpass a few of them that I set.

My goal for my net worth at the end of December was to increase it to $2588.29 which I surpassed by over $250. I still like the 5% increase in my net worth per month since I don't have any expenses (thanks mom and dad). That would put my goal to increase my net worth by $142.24 or a total of $2987.09, so lets shoot for an even $3,000.

I haven't been doing well on getting my articles into carnivals to show off the site to new people. I really need to do a better job of that. I do have a post that should be in 2 different carnivals this Monday and I hope to get into at least 3 more after that which would make a total of 5 for the month.

I finally got ahead on my link trades and ended up with 17 while the goal was 15. I'll shoot for 20 ending this month. I failed to get another sponsor for the site and that will be one of my top priorities this month.

I did much better on the auctions this month getting all 10 up and selling 9 out of the 10. Now the problem is that I don't have any investments there and a pile of cash. I hope to spend at least $500 on acquiring new antique investments. I also have too much cash on hand so I need to stick that in an account where I can earn some interest on it.

I hope to have a good year with my finances and hope that all of you enjoy the ride along with me.

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