Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 Financial Review

I still haven't reached the half year mark in age, but I get to do my first yearly financial review. That ranks right up there with beginning to make sounds.

Thanks to a couple of gifts from my uncle and nana and some sales on ebay, December turned into a good month for my finances and I'm closing on the $3,000 mark and was able to increase my net worth by approximately 20% this month.

Upromise did better than the last couple of months and brought in $6.44. Advertising did better, too, bringing in a little more than $14 with much of this thanks to the sponsor I have. I earned less than $1 in interest from ING, but their site is currently not online as they upgrade so I'll add that little amount in later. There is no interest counted toward the $1,000 I-Bond I have since it still hasn't been 3 months since I purchased it.

If we do a little forward thinking and if I can add $2850 to my savings each 6 months, that will leave me with over $100,000 for college which makes me smile. That isn't counting the interest that the money would also earn. 2005 has been good and I think I'll continue to keep smiling into 2006.

A Happy New Year To All!!!!

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Neo said...

If you haven't heard, I am organizing a "net worth challenge". If you are interested in participating, please drop by the following web site to get more details. For the time being, if you can post (at the below URL) your 2006 end of year goal, we might be using that information as part of the challenge.

Stay tuned for more details!