Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Costs of College

I hope that I can make a wise decision as to where I get my college education without having to have money come in as a factor, but the reality for most students is that money does play a role when deciding where to go to college. Here is a little piece through the eyes of four freshman college students about paying for college:

This combination of more selective admissions and higher tuition prices can cause much anxiety for high school students and their families. For many of those who are accepted by a college or university, alternate ways to pay are out there. Although in years past, a summer job, a little help from the parents, and maybe a small loan have been enough to cover costs, that is no longer the case.

I think this will be a fundamental question I will have to deal with. When does cost exceed the value of the education given? While I hope to save enough to attend any college I want, I would also like to leave college with some savings still intact. I will have to think about this more later...right now it's time for my nap

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Joshua K said...

That education will probably increase your income 10000/yr (on average). Let's say that you retire at age 60, and that it takes you 6 years to get through college, right out of high school. That means that over 36 years, you'll make $360000 more. So as long as the cost of your school is less than that, it's worth it. Realistically, your school will cost more like 10% to 20% of that360000. When you wake up, try to remember that education is always worth it. Even Rich Dad, Poor Dad says so :)

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