Sunday, January 22, 2006

Busy Week

There wasn't anything posted this past week because my uncle was extremely busy re-launching his Financial Challenges. I keep telling him that he needs to learn to take afternoon naps like me. They are so wonderful and grown-ups underestimate their value. I'll continue to try and get through to him on this.

There haven't been any major developments in my finances, but he is going to look for some new investment antiques for me this week. I would have my fingers crossed if I could (still working on that hand - eye coordination thing although I do have one mean grip!) and hopefully i can add a bit more to my net worth before the end of the month.


My Boaz's Ruth said...

I wonder if you're going to be so busy writing essays and Ebay ads and finding new investments... I wonder how long you are going to find time to keep us updated on your blog :)

It's needing getting an infant-size view of these things.

margot said...

I'm already a workaholic and I haven't even reached a year old! Actually, I have already learned the art of delegation and have all the adults do my wishing as I nap and play. It's a pretty good life (^_^)

I'll keep on my uncle to update on a regular basis. my smile does it to him every time (>_^)