Monday, December 12, 2005

Antique Investments

I had 5 of the ten antique items my uncle bought for me sell over the weekend, so I have been smiling and gurgling even more than usual! The five sold for $99.75 in total and after all fees were deducted, I came away with a $84.97 profit! That raises my total net worth to $2,454.77.

My uncle has promised to place the other 5 items up for auction this week and hopefully they will sell well so that I can break through the $2,500.00 mark. While this may not seem too exciting for most, it's fantastic for me. I may not even be fussy for an entire week just to celebrate.

I still need to talk to nana and grandpa about what they will be getting me for X-mas. Hopefully they will be generous and add a bit more to my net worth on top of these investments.

I've also hinted to my uncle that he needs to find a few more investment for me since I'm enjoying the returns they are bringing in quite a lot. I'm sure that I'll be able to charm him into doing so (that's an advantage we babies have when we are in a good mood)

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