Sunday, July 30, 2006


If kids are given the chance and taught, they can go a long way to get their finances in order at an early age. The Reallionaire is one of those examples:

Farrah Gray began contributing to his family's financial support at the age of 6, and he made his first million by the time he was 14. His success made a lot of people change their thinking about where life in the projects of Chicago's South Side could lead.

I especially found his "five person policy" to be a great idea. When looking for help with his projects, when a person said "no" and wouldn't help him, he didn't leave it like that. Instead, he asked the person not willing to help to give him the names of 5 people that might be willing to help. Easy and brilliant.

Parents give their kids all kinds of extra curricular activities. It may be a musical instrument, joining a sports team, clubs like boy scouts or girl scouts, swimming lessons, etc. Why don't they give them money / entrepreneurial lessons too?

(hat tip: Thrifty Ray)

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