Thursday, July 06, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday dear Margot
Happy Birthday to me

That's right, I've spent my first year on this earth. I'm no longer counting months and now can proudly say I'm a full year old. No more fractions. A full, round number.

The best is to come this weekend when I'll have my birthday party with all kinds of friends and family. The plan is to have the birthday party in the park with BBQ and lots of cake (mom has been feeding me these organic cheerios with no sugar which I know are good for me, but you can bet I'll be diving into that cake!)I'll be sure to get lots of photos taken to share them with all of you.

Now to get my first year financial totals in order to share...

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ntbeachnc said...

Happy Birthday!