Monday, July 31, 2006

My First Wedding

Mom and dad took me to me to my first wedding this weekend and I got to dress up in a fancy blue dress for the event. Weddings are a lot of fun because there are flower petals on the ground that you can pick-up and play with. Even though this wasn't my event (I think I'll hold off until after college to start considering that), I must say that after the bride, I was the most popular guest there (^_^)

margot at the wedding

margot at the wedding

margot at the wedding

margot at the wedding


Yvonne said...

These are such adorable photos! Looks like she had a grand ole time!

Anonymous said...

Flowers have petals, bicycles have pedals. Figured I would get you started before you hit college.

Margot said...

You can blame that on my uncle - although I like trying to pull the keys on the computer up (and have even managed to dislodge a few to my mom's consternation), I'm not much good at typing (but I do some mean banging!). That is left to uncle, who I will obviously be more educated than when i reach college ;)

Oh, and he says he made the correction.