Tuesday, September 27, 2005

ING Account $50 Bonus

My uncle sat down with my mom and got her to open up an ING savings account that will be dedicated to me. She wanted to try an account out in her name first and if it works out well, then she will open another joint account with me as the primary account holder. Mom is a little wary of submitting information over the Internet because of some problems of identity theft from the past, but I'm hoping it all works out fine and we can add some more money to my savings.

My uncle found a $50 deal through taxact which is better than their normal deal of $25 for signing up through a friend. That adds an extra $50 to my savings. There is also the possibility of referring 25 more people which would add another $250 to my savings which my uncle said he'd help me do. Then if mom agrees to put an account in my name, I can earn even more money toward college saving.

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