Friday, September 02, 2005

Financial Baby Steps - The Beginning

Hi, My name is Margot and I'm the the baby behind the financial baby steps blog. Of course, I can't quite take baby steps yet (I'm only a month old), but that doesn't mean I can't get my finances in order from day one. So how does one start their financial baby steps before they can even walk? In my case, it's thanks to my uncle who is giving me a bit of a head start.

He decided that instead of giving me clothes or some other baby item when I was born that he'd take care of my finances and teach me along the way. The first step he took was to give $1000 of his own money and get grandma (Nana) and grandpa to chip in another $500 each. This puts me in a great financial postion for my age -- at the ripe old age of a month old I'm debt free with savings of $2,000. I bet a lot of you wish you could say the same!

The following is my blog and how my finances grow as I do (with a bit of help from my uncle until I learn to type). I hope you enjoy and cheer me on to my goal!

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