Saturday, March 31, 2007

Frustration With Aid Applications

One of the issues with applying for student loans that is often overlooked is the time and frustration that goes along with it. Even at my age, I don't like to become frustrated (and throw a tantrum when I do). The Chicago Tribune has an article on how College aid forms tests families' pain threshold:

If you have just finished applying for financial aid for a college student you might have a few gray hairs.

Filling out a FAFSA—the form required for obtaining low-interest federal loans and college grants and scholarships—is a grueling process. It's so confusing and time-consuming that parents often start to think of their tax return as a walk in the park by comparison.

The good news? There's a bill called "College Aid Made EZ Act" that is intended to make it easier to apply for financial aid by simplifying the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form working its way through Congress. The best option is not having to apply for these loans by saving early, but for those that do, making the process as simple as possible is always a good goal.

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