Thursday, March 29, 2007

14 Ways To Find Financial Aid

While this is not something that I am going to have to worry about since I'm starting my college savings early, that is not the case for everyone out there. Here are 14 proven ways to get financial aid from NextStudent

1. Search Far and Wide
2. Apply, Apply and Apply
3. Remember Cutoff Dates
4. Go Local
5. Be Careful Where You Put Your Money
6. Network
7. Look into Fellowships and Grants
8. Match up Your Interests
9. Serve Your Country
10. Look to Your Roots
11. Go Rural
12. There’s Always Begging
13. Try Again, Ask Your Parents for Help
14. Don’t Fall Behind

Of course, the best strategy is to start saving early so you don't have to worry about any of this when it's time to go to college ;)

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Zachary said...

For federally sponsored financial aid, be sure to fill out the "Free Application for Federal Student Aid" at