Sunday, October 15, 2006

Parents Under Estimating College Aid Their Kids Will Get

My uncle just read to me about a new study which says that parents are under-estimating the amount of aid their kids will qualify for when they attend college. According to an article at

The study found that 87 percent of parents believe scholarships and grants will cover at least part of their children's undergraduate expenses, and nearly three-quarters think their children are "special or unique" enough to win a scholarship.

Financial aid administrators said 92 percent of parents overestimate the amount of scholarship money their children will receive...

This is another reason it pays to start saving for college early. While I will try and get all the aid and scholarships that I can to help pay for college, i want these to supplement what I have saved so I can choose the best way to pay for the education. I'm learning early that getting organized early and saving opens up a lot of opportunities and will give me much more flexibility when it comes to my college education. I hope everyone reading takes the same steps...

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