Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Will My Money Have To Last Until I'm 150?

All the more reason for me to start saving at this early age. According to a report on the Today Show available on msn video, today's children may live up to 150 years old.

While I think this is great, it means that my retirement funds will have to be a lot bigger than if I assumed I'd only live to 80. An interesting possibility for my little mind to ponder.


Terri W. said...

Unfortunately, I can't watch video right now to confirm whether this is touched on in the link, but I hope they address the fact that if folks are living to 150, there's no way they can be "retiring" at 62 or 65 ... so you should have more time, and way more compound interest, to build your nest egg.

Amdollar said...

If people are living to 150, they have to rethink the entire retirement strategy. I forsee going into retirement at 60 or 70 as a mid retirement and then going back in the workforce at 100 and having a final retirement at 120. However I don't think the government would allow this ever to happen though.

lecentre said...

That's nonsense. Look up 'CIA world factbook' and the country you're interested in (i.e. 'cia world factbook US' CIA world factbook canada' ...) and you'll see the best expectancies are in the low 80s.