Monday, April 03, 2006

Some Numbers I Plan Not To be Part Of

The problem about reading about college and costs is that the numbers can get pretty depressing and I like being a cheerful little one. So instead of dwelling on the numbers, I have been proactive in making sure I'm not a part of the numbers that can be so depressing (thus this little blog). This is what I found today

According to "65.6 percent of students graduate with some debt." The median amount of debt owed once a student graduates is $17,120. Among graduating seniors, the average federal student loan debt is 19,202. Additional debt for graduate and professional degrees range from $27,000 to $114,000.

Those are pretty depressing numbers even for a cheerful baby like me. it's just one more reason to make sure that you begin saving for college early which reminds me that I need to get my monthly numbers up - will be doing that soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi you, I graduated with $25K in debt, which bites, but I was lucky to meet my husband, a frugal guy who put me on a strict budget so I was able to pay off my debt in a little over a year. Frugal hubby also has me signed up at Little Grad ( notice you do upromises but you might want to check these guys out, we put a couple hundred extra into the 529 just over the last few months. (grandparents love it.)

El Train said...

think of it this way. what if you could not attend college unless you had the money upfront. i wonder how bad the concept of debt would like at that point? just food for thought, but i always like to use other people's money for my lifestlye.