Sunday, April 30, 2006

Reasons Not To Go To College

Now that I have gotten organized and started saving for college, comes up with five reasons why I shouldn't go to college that I should think about - this kind of throws a wrench into my well laid thoughts. Here are their five points:

  • Loss of 4 Years of Work
  • I Won't Necessarily Earn Less Money
  • I Could Probably Make More Money If I Invest My Tuition
  • A Classroom Isn't Needed To Learn Something
  • Plenty Of People Have Done Fine Without A College Education

    These are certainly points to consider. Since I am planning to have my full tuition in my savings by the time I am ready to enter college, the investing point is especially noteworthy to me. That being said, I also know at my tender age that college isn't only about school work, but also the social aspect and the opportunity to try new things.

    This is something I'll have to consider more as I get older and get a better idea of what I might like to do as a career.
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    My Boaz's Ruth said...

    Some jobs require the degree.

    However, it REALLY depends on what you want to do. I have not yet been held back from what I want to do by the lack of college degree. For the most part, I find when it comes to computer programming, etc the programmers themselves seem to be dubious about those who wasted 4 years (or 5) getting a degree instead of experience. The degree doesn't really help you operate in the business world environment.

    I've heard it said tha the reason for schooling is to take people out of the work force. As people live longer and longer, schooling gets longer to prevent people entering until they are older.