Saturday, March 04, 2006

A New Name

I will be moving sometime in the next few months - I'm not exactly sure when this will be as I'm not in a big hurry, but I will be sometime soon. Why do you ask? My uncle decided that instead of staying on a free site that I should get my own name. He tried very hard to get me, but the owner wasn't interested in selling the name. I'm learning young in life that you can't always get what you want.

While you can't always get what you want, that doesn't mean you should sit around and feel sorry for yourself. Once it became clear that our number one name wasn't going to be available, we started talking about other names that might be appropriate. We finally decided on my uncle said that he would give me the name as a gift so it doesn't hurt my net worth. Now not only am I working on my finances, I feel like I'm a true Internet entrepreneur with my own domain name to come into service in the next few months.


Jack said...

Best of luck with the new name, I recently moved to my own non-free website and really like it. Congrats on the net worth increase, you keep pulling away from me :-)


My Boaz's Ruth said...

Too bad about having to change the blog name. I fear I'll lose you. PErhaps have a different domain, and keep the blog name the same?