Saturday, March 04, 2006

February Net Worth

What a month will do. Not only can I crawl backward (which I was doing with acclaim last month), I can now crawl forward in a pretty impressive manner. Even better, I am way into textures these days. Boy, is it fun being a baby!

First and foremost, I passed the magic $3000 net worth mark (woohoo!!!) with my current net worth now adding up to $3015.82. That is well below the 5% increase in net worth that I was shooting for, but was just over a 3% gain for the month.

The best part of the gain was that most of it was from advertising - $80.37. $29.85 was a one time payment for three months, but about $50 is money that will continue to come on a monthly basis! If I can keep a minimum of $50 a month in advertising coming in, that will add up to more than $10,000 toward my college fund not counting any interest. I'm extremely happy with that development.

I will still stick with my goal of increasing my net worth by 5% a month which would mean adding about $150 to my current total. So I will be shooting for $3165 by the end of March.

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