Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Kids and Saving Money

I came across this article about the positive aspects of helping children to save money:

When we give children the opportunity to experience for themselves what it means to save, to have goals for saving, to have their own savings account and to watch the amount of money in their account grow due to their decision (with encouragement and guidance from their parents) to save, they learn what it means to save and about delayed gratification.

One of the most important lessons you will teach your children will be how to handle money. If you don't do it proactively, you'll do it by default by not teaching them the skills you wished that your parents and teachers had taught you (pretty deep thinking for a 6 month old, don't you think?)

Don't only save for your children's education and college, but also involve them in it so they learn the importance themselves. I know my parents and uncle will be doing so.

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Tiredbuthappy said...

Hey, when will we get to see an updated picture of you? You change pretty fast at this age. The picture on your site is probably ancient history by now. Tell your uncle that your fans must be appeased.