Thursday, February 02, 2006

January Net Worth

January was a busy month. I've started to learn how to crawl although I'm much better at going backward than forward. That's fine with me as I like doing things a bit differently. How many other 7 month olds do you know blogging and saving money? (^_^)

January didn't turn out to be a wonderful month for increasing my net worth. The one bright spot was Upromise that unexpectedly added $25 this past month. The only other real income I had was getting another sponsor that paid for 6 months in advance. Other advertising was not too good this month mainly because I didn't post enough (hint, hint uncle) which meant I didn't have as many visitors as I have in the past. With only an increase of $81.70 this month I came in well below the $3000 mark I had set as a goal. Still, my net worth increased 2.79% and I'm quickly closing in on the $3000 mark and I should be able to surpass it this month.

With my net worth currently standing at $2926.55 I'll shoot again for a 5% increase in February or $146.33 for a total of $3072.88. My uncle has assured me that he'll spend a bit more time working on my net worth this month.

In looking at my asset allocation, I have way too much money in cash not earning anything. I'm waiting to see what the I-bond does at the next switch. My parents and uncle will also be getting together in May when they can make some decisions together on the best place to put the extra money.


Jane Dough said...

Good job! A positive month is always a good month :)

Jack said...

Congrats on the progress. I don't know many 7 month olds blogging and saving money, but I do know of a pretty cool 8 month old blogging and saving money (wink).

BTW: I upgraded my website and have a new address. If you could update your link to me that would be great.



Neo said...

Congrats on another month of increases in your net worth. I will post yours along with other PF bloggers to my site shortly.


Neo said...

Personal finance bloggers net worth data (chart and graph) has been posted.


moneysmartz said...

You were also included in the Personal Financial Bloggers' Net Worth Index! Not bad for a little tike! With compounding and consistency you'll be in good shape.