Tuesday, November 14, 2006

41 Tips To Help A Student Get "A" Grades

While getting my finances in order so that I can pay for college is important, getting good grades and enjoying my studies will also be on the top of my list. I came across this good list of 41 Tips To Help A Student Get "A" Grades. Here are a few of them that I liked:

5. A useful measure to recall the material you have read is to get another person to ask you questions or alternatively ask yourself questions about the material you have read. i.e. What is the main assessment criteria?

14. Try to develop the skills of listening for the important word cues that illustrate or reveal the teacher/speaker’s emphasis. These include words like most important, on the other hand, in addition to etc.

36. It is advisable to try to schedule work or study that demands high levels of concentration, such as taking notes on a specific text in 50 minute time periods. Then have a short break.

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My Boaz's Ruth said...

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1. Have the family be on welfare
2. Kid has to meet a risk factor (running away from home, being a foster kid, getting someone pregnant, being pregnant, failing the state standardized test the first time they take it)

It specifically does NOT cover single working mothers who have kept themselves out of welfare, or those children who are doing really well in school and kept themselves out of trouble.