Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Financial Aid - How To Pay For College

As my uncle reads to me more about college and finances, I'm coming to understand that many parents and kids have not saved money well in advance as I am. I hope that this blog will encourage more people to do so even if it only means putting aside a few dollars a week at an early age.

For those that haven't saved enough for college, Fox News has an article up called The Financial Aid Game: How to Pay For College which gives a solid five step process with links to quality information. The five steps are:

  • Know the Lingo
  • Don't Be Scared by the Price Tag — Apply
  • There's Money Out There — Go Find It!
  • You Can Do It Cheaper
  • Make the Grade, and Don't Give Up

    This is worth a quick read if you are looking for ways to increase your financial aid package for college.
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