Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Some Ways I Save At Concerts

By David Treehouse

It's always a challenge to save money when attending a concert. There are may ways that sellers try to part you from your money, and if you aren't careful, you can end up leaving a concert with nothing left. This is not good, especially if your goal is to attend more concerts. Here are some of the things I did when I scored some Florence and the Machine tickets, but still wanted to come away with some cash in my wallet.

I Didn't Bring a Credit or Debit Card

Many people try to set a budget when attending a concert, but it's easy to ignore that budget if you have a credit card to swipe. In order to limit my spending, I attended the concert with cash only, leaving my cards at home. Obviously make sure you have enough money to get home if this is a concern. By taking this approach, whatever cash you bring is what you have to spend, so you won't have to worry about overspending.

I Brought My Own Food

A lot of venues refuse to allow food or drinks inside their establishment, but a few don't bother to check your bags. If you're attending a large music festival, you can often get away with bringing your own food. If you're able to do so, this is a much better way to save money than buying concessions from vendors. As stated above, vendors overprice their food, and there's no point in paying $5 for a piece of food when you can spend $5 at the grocery store and bring an entire meal. I ended up bringing food and eating before entering the concert venue. This way I was full and had no desire to buy the food inside.

I Avoided Paying for a Hotel

There are a lot of people who travel from far away to attend a concert or festival, which means that in addition to paying for the ticket and transportation, they need to pay for lodging. This was the situation in my case. If you're traveling across a long distance for a concert, remember that you're paying to see a concert, not stay in a hotel room. See if you can find a friend who can offer their couch (what I did), book a room in a hostel, or camp out (if possible). If you do decide to book a hotel room, think twice before you pay for an expensive room.

I Split Costs

When it comes to the costs related to the concert, try to split as many as you can. Instead of taking my own car, a group of us carpooled to the event and split gas and parking costs. For food, we ordered a couple of large pizzas instead of going to a restaurant and getting separate meals. There are a lot of little things like these that you can split the costs with all that are going to save money.