Monday, October 08, 2012

Getting Van Insurance

Van insurance can be costly as most recently it was reported that van insurance had increased by more than 30%. Taking note of the following tips could help to make your money to go further.

It is important to make sure you purchase the correct insurance for you and your needs. If you choose the wrong level of coverage, the difference in price could be significant and you could be paying more than you need. Below is a description of the levels of coverage available.

Carriage of own goods

This type of van insurance cover is for people who use their van for transporting goods belonging to their business such as their own tools. This level of use is ideal for builders, window cleaners and plumbers.

Haulage (Hire and Reward)

This type of van insurance cover is suited to people who use the van to transport other people's goods for payment. Ideal for occupations such as delivery drivers.

Social Domestic and Pleasure only

This type of van insurance cover is most suitable for home-based drivers who use a van for everyday needs such as taking rubbish to the skip and transporting friends and family around.

There more advanced checks that you can carry out to ensure you are saving money on your van insurance quote. Checking your vans age, engine size, make and model are all factors that are looked at when it comes to your van insurance premium. Security will also be a factor that will be looked at; the more secure your van is the risk of it being targeted by thieves will be lower.

Be sure to do check all areas of your van to ensure you are getting the most competitive deal on the market such as getting a van insurance quote from autonet.